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Tax Planning - The key to minimizing taxes.

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Tax Planning is all about forecasting the tax impact of continuing to operate as you are and then determining the dollar value of your options. Typical tax planning tactics include:

  • timing of revenues, purchases, and expenditures
  • selection of investments
  • minimizing tax brackets
  • documentation to support your deductions in an audit

My job as a tax planner is to provide you with options including their monetary value. My approach to this is different from many in that my overall goal is to maximize the bottom line. Adopting a tax plan that unduly restricts your operations may produce a smaller tax bill, but may also restrict the growth of your business and your wealth. Part of my job is to never lose sight of the overall goal.

Tax Preparation

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Like all CPA Firms, we also prepare the various tax returns required by the Federal and State Governments. The majority of US Citizens contract out their tax return preparation for a good reason. Unless you are familiar with the tax laws and know how to use tax preparation software, it will take you untold hours to complete even a simple return. It just does not make economic sense for most people to prepare anything but the simplest tax returns.

Audit Representation

IRS examiners prefer to talk to directly with the taxpayer rather than their representative. There is a good reason for this. The taxpayer's inability to articulate answers framed in the language of the tax law can be used against them. For example, questions regarding the profit intent of a business can be twisted to present a case for dissallowance as a nondeductible hobby loss.

The examiner's job is to represent the interests of the government, not yours. Our job as your represent your interests by bringing the right documentation to the audit and presenting the best arguments for your tax positions.