Service Order Software

Purpose: Use the power of the Internet to allow centrailized control of Customer Service Calls.

What Could
You Do
with this
  • You could use it to monitor service call profitiability.
  • You could use it as a tool to determine if customers are getting timely service.
  • You could use it to rate service personnel by profitability.
  • You could use the customer database for marketing purposes.
  • You could use it to improve the efficiency in scheduling service calls.

How does
this Software
Save You
  • It is only a few clicks to determine if the SO was billed to the customer or written off as warranty.
  • It's easy to figure out if the customer still owes and how old that bill is.
  • Anybody in your organization can quickly answer a customer's question of whether the service call has been scheduled which reduces cancelled calls.
  • Responsibility for a service call is easily determined. See who was responsible for making that customer a repeat customer.
  • Reduce the time to prepare and process the service orders themselves.
  • Get credit for all of your ventor RGA's by getting automated lists of products replaced at no charge to the customer.
  • Customized reports allow you to rank personnel and customers by profitability which leads to better pricing policies.

Features You might
want in the
  • Scheduling. Make if easy for any of your Company's personnel to know who is available.
  • Customer Billing. Let the service personnel issue and collect on calls immedately.
  • Past Due Customers. Color that customer name red if they are past due and collect before making the next service call.
  • Profitability Reports. Click on the products used in the call to update that particular order with the product amounts and inventory cost to charge against each service order.
  • Email notification if certain parameters are met, such as service orders not charges because of warranty.
  • Customized reporting by the type and profitability of service orders.

Stories from
the Trenches:

Service is many times treated as a low or no-profit department that you put up with in the name of customer service. It doesn't have to be. Tracking what service calls are generated by what products can go along way to making better purchase decisions. Not allowing service personnel to write-off calls under the guise of warranty and knowing which of your people are producing most of service money goes a long way to turning a loser into a gainer.

How to Proceed:
  • Just want to talk about it? Give me a call or drop an email. Contact Information
  • Need to consider a customized approach to your service order system? I will help you develop your specifications at no cost.