Payroll & Commissions Software

Purpose: Gather payroll information from remote locations.

What Could
You Do
with this
  • You could get the hours worked reported by remote locations using something as small as a PDA.
  • You could use it to compute commissions based upon complex and specialized formulas designed by you for you.
  • You could use it to approve payrolls and commissions even when traveling.
  • You could use it to produce pay histories when negotiating with employees.
  • You could use it to improve your cash flow projections.

How does
this Software
Save You
  • Eliminating manual calculations of payroll, especially commissions, reduces the cost of redoing it along with risk of overpayment. (the risk of underpayment doesn't seem to be that big of a problem)
  • Providing individual payroll reports with detail information about how commission or pay is being calculated cuts down on a lot of phone calls.
  • Eliminating the fax machine as your primary networking tool eliminates the problem with someone in accounting keying the wrong number from a barely readable fax form.
  • Cash Flow Management can be improved by allowing you to get up-to-date information on next weeks payroll.

Features You might
want in the
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  • Confidentiality. This stuff is sensitive.
  • Individual Reports. Lets the employees log-on and look up their payroll and commission history.
  • Commission Design. Your theory on what you need to motivate is going to change regularly so your software is going to need to change regularly.
  • Email notification if certain parameters are met, such as changes to employee information, rates and other information.

Stories from
the Trenches:

Payroll and how it is calculated is the biggest concern of most employees. As the CFO of a small retail chain, I found that this single item produced more phone calls from the field due to our complex commission schemes. We were also continually experimenting with small supplemental programs to influence behavior such as an additional bonus if the sales deal was closed with 100% cash. Using the web-software to produce commission reports in real time along with showing how the commission was calculated was a big motivator for our people. They could close a contract on the web and instantly click over to their individual pay report to see the results.

How to Proceed:
  • Just want to talk about it? Give me a call or drop an email. Contact Information
  • Need to consider a customized approach to your payroll and commission system? I will help you develop your specifications at no cost.