Job Control Software

Purpose: Never lose track of the work that a customer or client has assigned to you.

What Could
You Do
with this
  • You could use it keep track of the status of your work log.
  • You could use it as scheduling tool.
  • You could use it to track the amount of time devoted to the job.
  • You could use it to create customer billings.
  • You could use it to track the balance due you for completed jobs..

How does
this Software
Save You
  • The Number One Goals is not making a customer unhappy because you forgot about him or her.
  • Once the job is complete and billed it's too late to go back to the customer and complain that you forgot to bill for some of the time.
  • Knowing how much time you have spent on similar jobs in the past is a valuable tool in quoting future jobs.
  • Knowing which employees are back-logged gives you the option of reassigning jobs before the customer becomes unhappy.
  • All of the information needed to justify a client bill is in one place allowing for better billing explainations.
  • Customized reports allow you to rank personnel and customers by profitability which leads to better pricing policies.

Features You might
want in the
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  • Scheduling. Make if easy for any of your Company's personnel to know who is available.
  • Customer Billing. Reduce the time necessary for producing a customer bill without missing some of the inputs you invested in the job.
  • Past Due Customers. Easy reports for determining who owes you what.
  • Profitability Reports. Reports that relate costs to the amount billed.
  • Email notification if certain parameters are met, such as jobs starting to slip past the customer's expect date.
  • Customized reporting by the type and profitability of job history.

  • Timeslips List. List of timeslips by employee.
  • Timeslip. The time slip is the basic form for saving information about time spent on a job, project, or activity.
  • Jobs List. List of Jobs by status.
  • Job Form. The Job Form is the basic information screen about a particular customer job.
  • Timeslips to Bill Worksheet. Allows you to select unbilled timeslips and create bill lines.
  • Bill Draft. A look see at what the final customer bill will look like.

Stories from
the Trenches:

My biggest fear in the tax preparation business was forgetting about a client's tax return after they had dropped off the work. We did all sorts of things to prevent this such as having specific places where the client's documents could be stored. However, it was amazing how easy it was for any of us to break those rules. The possibility of not only having an unhappy client always existed but there was the added responsibility for tax penalties on top of that.

The on-line Job Log takes a big load off of my mind in this area. Additionally, I can use my open jobs list to estimate hours required and make the decision on filing extensions earlier. If work control is your thing, this is the product for you.