Software Services

Purpose: The new phrase for utilizing software over the Internet is "Cloud Computing". The phrase is new, but we have been doing this for over 10 years. Cloud computing allows us to efficiently automate business processes to allow efficient data entry by people closest to the transactions and real time reporting to management. We have successfully provided modules for such systems as:

What We
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  • Maintain an Internet web server with required software and databases that your personnel can contact using any standard browser.
  • Make daily data backups to protect your data.
  • Develop software that is tailored to your business practices.
  • Make updates to the software as requested by your personnel, usually within one business day of the request.
  • Provide user training if required.

What You Get:
  • The ability to record transactions and access reports from anywhere that has an Internet connection requiring only the use of a browser.
  • The ability to have your software modified to support the way you want to do business rather than having to do business the way the software was designed. message image
  • Real-time reporting. Your reports are updated as the transactions are entered.
  • Experienced experts in accounting, tax, and technology are just a phone call away.
  • Control over your overhead costs through more efficient business processes.
  • User friendly input screens that require a minimum amount of training for new people.

What Does
It Cost:
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  • Our fees, like our software, are tailored to each clients needs. The most economical approach is to rent it rather than buy it. This arrangement has a minimal upfront cost plus a monthly rental fee which spreads the cost of the software over the period that you use it.
  • Future changes to the software can be hourly or a quoted fixed fee, which ever you prefer.
  • Telephone consulting regarding your processes is free.