Do you have these Symptoms of Purchase Order Schizophrenia?

  • Sometimes Purchase Orders for Product are Duplicated!
  • Sometimes the entirely Wrong Products id is placed on the Purchase Order!
  • Almost all of the time Nobody is sure if a purchase order for product has been processed!

I was a CFO of a small retail chain that suffered mightily from ‘Purchase Order Schizophrenia’. At the very least, purchase order errors where a distraction from what made us money. At the worst, they were costing us in inventory shrinkage, freight return costs, and a large investment in excess inventory. Like all the rest of you, we tried all kinds of solutions to try and fix these problems such as writing policies, making special forms, and weekly meetings with the purchasing department people to address their problems. Some of these things would work for a little while and then the policies or form would get out-of-date and we were back where we started. Learn More»  My Purchase Order Story. Finally, we learned the trick that moved Purchasing from a front burner issue to one that only occasionally poked it's head up.

The Answer that gave us Control over the Beast almost overnight was Web-based Purchasing Software. Suddenly, the status of an order was no longer a process of calling different people to find out what was happening with it. Instead, we simply used our browser program that connected to a database and produced a list of the outstanding orders. The constant questions of "was the Purchasing Department sitting on an order" went away. Now we knew exactly how long it took purchasing to process an order in just a few clicks. Similarly, duplicate orders became an absolute rarity. Everybody could see that the first PO was issued and still not received. More importantly, we could see who had done what and knew where to go to fix any problems that were still occurring. I became a die-hard believer that web-based software is the answer to most business process problems. Learn More» Web-based Software Advantages

I was so impressed that I became a software developer after leaving the retail industry. And, now I am offering this software, in its third major release, to you at a fraction of it's original development cost or even free for the basic version. I know that once you have tried the web-based software approach to improving your business you will also becomes as convinced as I am that this is the way to go to make your life better.

How to Proceed?

  • Just want to talk about it? Give me a call or drop an email. Contact Information
  • Just want to try it out? Play with the Sample Company that has already been setup.
  • Want to subscribe to the Free Basic Purchase Order Package? See this Comparison of the Basic vs Advanced packages.
  • Need to consider a customized approach to your purchase order system? I will help you develop your specifications at no cost.

What about Guarantees?

What do you have to lose with trying a web-based approach to solving your problems? Next to nothing, especially if you sign up for the free basic package. If you should try the advanced Purchase Order or any customized services, you can rest assured that I will refund any money paid if you are not happy with the results. This guaranty is 100%. I have found that life is a lot more fun when working with clients that are happy with the results and the easiest way to achieve that is to not let money get in the way.