People and Businesses that I Recommend

These recommendations are based upon people that I have meet repeatedly and who have discussed their business and philosophy with me. Many times I am user of their products and services and have indicated so when that is the case.

Chimney Sweep
  Gene Hilton - Tidy Sweep (352)372-8973
  It's not often you need one, but when the smoke backs up into your living room, Gene is the guy to call.
  Nick Souza - Specialty Cleaning (352)246-4783
  Carpets, upholstery, mold in the tile, you name it and Nick will clean it. He's new in town and looking to build a reputation as the guy who can clean it when no one else can.
Computer Repair
  James Schilling (352)278-3274
  James has fixed several computer and networking problems for me personally and has been highly appreciated by my clients in emergency situations. Somehow he always manages to get them running again at a very reasonable price.
Financial Advisers
  Karen Harvey, CRPC Ameriprise Financial (352)331-0313
  It's not often that I recommend financial advisers do to my poor experience with stock brokers and the like. Karen is the rare exception. I have spoken with her on several occasions about her investment theories and philosophy and have always been impressed. Like all of those who forecast the future, she can't guarantee you success, but she strikes me as highly competent and honest.
Insurance - Personal
  Victor Hazy, Insurance World (352)377-7283 http://www.insuranceworldofgainesville
  I was one of the many that had my home insurance policy cancelled some years back. Finding an insurance company willing to business in Florida became a real chore and a lot more expensive. After I had given up hope, my wife went to Victor and low and behold he not only got us back in the world of the insured, but at a lower rate as well.
  Larry Hartfield - Hartfield Insurance Group (352)870-9575
  Larry specializes in personal protection from health and life insurance to martial arts. The only thing not in his arsenal is small arms and he is thinking of adding that.
  The Breakfast Club of Gainesville, Inc.
  This is an easy going group that meets for breakfast at the Hilton on 34th Street for breakfast on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.
  Nick Bryant - Nick Print (352)556-1024
  I have used Nick for several printing jobs. He will help you with the design and add some nifty artwork as well. Nick is a master networker. He attends just about every networking event from Tampa to Gainesville. His motto is "Friends don't let Friends Print at Home".
Public Speaking
  There are Toastmasters Clubs located around the world dedicated to helping people get over their fear of speaking in front of a group of people. If you are a business owner who has the very natural fear of standing in front of a mob and talking to them to persuade, this is a great group to practice with.
Security Systems
  Jon Doles - Securalogix, Inc. (352)494-5526
  If you need electronic security, Jon is your guy. He and his Company can install the equipment or convert your current equipment into a more effective system. Jon recoginizes that security without affordability is not very useful so he strives to keep his overhead low in order to pass the savings to his customers.
  Stephen Wycoff - Remedy Staffing (352)672-6080
  Stephen offers a unique approach to the job brokering business which is video interviews. HR people like this because they get a chance to see an interview before they spend any money recruiting them. This may sound like a bad idea for a job searcher, but it is actually one that gives them a power advantage. They get to practice their initial interview numerous times until they get it right. If you want the opportunity to make the best first impression, Stephen is the guy to see.
Web Hosting
  Jon Day - Daysite.Net (386)589-5734
  Jon has provided me with web hosting services since the late 1980's. He also got me started in programming by teaching me PERL. He will treat you right.