Software Rental Program

Customized Software for Rent using Cloud Computing

Customized software is a tremendous advantage for any business. Rather than having the software dictate how your business will operate, customized software allows you to do it your way. Getting that software through the Internet is known today as "Cloud Computing". It has considerable advantages over the older methods of loading the package on each users PC. We can make an improvement to the software on the web-server and that change is instantly available. No more running around trying to keep all the different computers up-to-date.

The downside is the initial cost. Getting it your way usually requires an investment of $10K or more per module in upfront design and development costs. We have a better idea - rent it instead.

Why does this work for us and you?

We have written a lot of software over the years. When a client wishes to rent rather than buy, we pull up one or more of our previously developed modules and update it to fit that client's particular needs. This saves a considerable amount of time over starting from scratch. We then recover that relatively small amount of time investment through monthly rental agreements.

Software Modules that are available for rent include:

  1. Estimating and Quote Module. This module was designed with the smaller construction firms in mind. It allows you to save your recurring information and reuse it on future estimates. Turning estimates into a ready to send quote is a snap. The ability to produce accurate quotes fast is a real competitive advantage. Learn More» Estimating and Quote Module Features
  2. Service Orders. This module allows you to track the status of your orders, charge costs to the order, and produce a customer bill. Learn More» Service Order Features
  3. Purchase Orders.. Multiple locations are no problems for this web-based module that allows remote locations to produce PO's over the web. Approval processes can be built in to your specifications. Learn More» Purchase Order Features

What does it cost?

Actually, very little. Most of our rental rates are $100 or less per month. The Estimating and Quote Module typically goes for $50 or less depending upon the amount of customized features to give an example.

How do you find out more?

Call Jim Payne, CPA in Gainesville, FL at (352) 376-9401