Quick Quote

Purpose: Produce a Good Looking Quote Fast.    Sample Quote

What Could
You Do
with this
  • You could make fast and accurate estimates of what a job should cost. Sample Bid Worksheet
  • You could turn your estimated costs into a price by changing the markup percentage.
  • You could turn your price into a professional looking quote ready to be sent to the prospect.
  • You could use it to track the status of quotes that you have issued.
  • You could use it to determine your bidding win/loss ratio.
  • You could use it to improve your profits through better bidding.

How does
this Software
Save You
  • Eliminating math errors in calculating job costs and profits.
  • Saving you time by storing descriptions and costs for regularly used products.
  • Clear quotes that specify the terms of an agreement reduce the potential of conflicts with customers.

What Does
It Cost?
    This software is available through a month to month rental program:
  • Basic Package - $20 per month.
  • Advanced features can be added at reasonable rates.
  • Customization can be done on an hourly or quoted fixed fee, whichever you desire.

What is included in the Quick Quote Package?
  • Bid Worksheet. Allows you to estimate and save all of the information that goes into a typical bid of a job.
  • Bid Master Records. Set the defaults for a typical bid such as the gross profit percentage and payment terms.
  • Bid Master Detail Lines. Setup and save your product costs for future bids.
  • Approval Process. Allows you to designate who is required to sign-off on a bid before it is turned into a quote.
  • Multiple Quote Templates. Some jobs need to say one thing, other jobs anther. We can provide you with more than one quote template to enable you to get the right message to the prospect.
  • Bid Win/Lose Report. How often you win and lose bids is important to determining how much you mark up the costs. This and other statistical reports are customized to each client's requirements.

Advanced Features that can be added:
  • Accounts Receivable. Allows you to turn accepted quotes into a Customer Bill and track the payments collected.
  • Job Costing. Turn quotes into job cost budgets when accepted and then track actual costs assigned to the job.

How to Proceed: