Advantages from a Manager's Perspective:

  • You can access your data from just about anywhere.
  • Your reports are in real-time. There is no need for waiting for end-of-day batch runs before finding out how sales are going.
  • It is far cheaper to customize. This allows you to design your business around how you want to operate rather than the way the software is designed.
  • You can move data entry from the relatively expensive accounting department down stream to the people who are closest to the transaction which is not only cheaper, but many times more accurate.
  • Customizing the software to how your business operates eliminates a lot of extra buttons and unnecessary options which makes training new people faster and cheaper.
  • All of your people are working off of the same database, eliminating the arguments on who has the right information.
  • You don't necessarily need a technical department to maintain the computer network. Simply outsource it to a web-hosting company, usually for a fee comparable to what you spend on coffee per month.

Advantages from a User's Perspective:

  • It's easier to use since there are normally fewer buttons and options.
  • Web browsers are familiar territory for everyone.

Advantages from a Programmer's Perspective:

  • Updating the program is far simpler. Simply make the change on the web-server computer. No need to produce programs that have to be loaded on to various computers located here and there.
  • Local networking software requires the programmer to write a program to draw the screens on the various client computers. Web-based programmer's simply write their screen-shots so that your web browser program can read it. A big time saver.