frustrated guy

You want your business to be more successful!
So, how do you increase your profitability?

  • You could invest more advertising dollars in order to increase sales.
  • You could search through your operations in order to eliminate waste.
  • You could increase productivity.

The "Advertise More" solution has some drawbacks:

  • The Law of Diminishing Returns says that each additional customer is going cost you more dollars than the preceding customer.
  • Since advertising costs will be higher, the additional sales dollars are going to produce a smaller and smaller profit percentage. This means you will be working harder for that ever smaller return.
  • Should you succeed at producing a significant amount of sales, your organization might not be able to handle the volume without increasing overhead. Again, working harder for less.

The "Eliminate Waste" solution also has some drawbacks:

  • It's easy to find waste. You see it everyday in things like lost product, theft, and errors such as incomplete product deliveries. The problem is, that by themselves, these things are petty.
  • Finding significant amounts of waste that are easily correctable most likely does not exist. It they did, you have already done something about it.

That leaves the "Productivity Solution". But, how do you wring more profit out of your operations?

frustrated guy

The easy way is to make us part of your team. I bring software development skills coupled with a CPA background to the table. We can work with you to improve your business processes so that you can get information in real time. We help you identify and correct processes to minimize errors and eliminate unnecessary steps in how your business operates.

We produce software that will support how you want to make your business run. But, we are about more than just producing computer programs. We are also about implementation. Our goal is to help our clients make more money with less frustration.